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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Bird had a bad dream on Monday night - probably because his asthma was acting up (I often had odd or frightening dreams when my asthma was bad) - and woke up early yesterday morning. He crawled into bed with me, cuddled up, and kissed my shoulder (it was the only part of me he could reach that wasn't covered), and just rested there while I snoozed a bit more. When I was more fully awake, he told me he was sorry for knocking over my beg. What bag, I asked. The computer bag that was on the chair that he knocked off and everything fell down...

Oh. "Sweetie, that didn't happen, it was just a dream."

"Oh, OK"

Poor little guy thought I was mad at him, and he woke up broken-hearted.
Yesterday on the way home from the chiropractor, T was telling me about some guns he was interested in if we ever win the lottery. I hadn't had much sleep, what with going to bed quite late and the Evil Genius waking me up quite early, and I was cross - I went off on a rant, which led to the recitation of the rules for guns (yes, I have rules for guns). Bird then proclaimed that the only gun he would ever use would be to go in the water and hunt shrimp with so he could feed us.

Good grief. I love that boy.
I need to give my house a good cleaning before the holidays - I won't have time after Thanksgiving because I'll be baking, sewing, crocheting, and wrapping things until Xmas. Whew. How did the year get away from me?? Wish me luck - some of the rooms I'll be cleaning have dust critters in them the size of a Buick!

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