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Monday, November 24, 2008

Now, That Ain't Right

We've had a fairly good week here at Casa de Crazy.

Several rooms went from this:

Our sun room, long relegated to "The room where everything goes that doesn't have a place somewhere else, or whoever is putting it away doesn't actually know where it belongs."

To this:

Hey, there's a rug under that table - who knew??

The above room was the only one I thought to photograph; I was too busy cleaning the rest of them. Yeah, umm...have I mentioned I'm an awful housekeeper?

Sunday I went up to the gallery for a few hours to work on cards and hang out with Mum. While I was gone, T, J, and our friend W did some repairs on T's old car, which we gave to J's ex-wife who has fallen on hard times and is losing her own car to voluntary repossession. Sucks. W is a mechanic, and between the three of them they got new front axles and something in the engine taken care of and spiffed up the Camry. W (the woman collecting the car) was grateful - I don't think she ever expected we'd be the people to help her out, what with her ex living with us and all...but she's a decent woman who needed a hand, and we had a hand to give. When' she's back on her feet, she'll pass the car along to someone else who needs it. You know- pay it forward.

To cap off our good week/good day, we decided to decorate some cookies - J bought a gingerbread man cookie decorating kit at the market on Saturday, and the Evil Genius was just bursting to play with them.

I didn't photograph the process because I was decorating, too, but here are the results:

Bird's cookie, all decked out - he didn't think it was very well done, at first (he noted that the eyes weren't right, and the face was all crooked, and it didn't look nice like Daddy's), but after a couple of reassuring words from T an I, he thought it was just fine.

A close-up - he decorated it all by himself - note that it does have eyes, a nose, and even corners for the mouth. If it's a little...er...Picasso, well...so what??

T's cookie - I think he has a thing for redheads. Umm...I'm dark blonde/blue. Uh-oh.

My gingerbread guy can tie his shoes. Not very well, but he can tie them. And look - his fingernails match his shoelaces!

Oh, dear - a CSI gingerbread guy...check out the Y-incision...

I think we know who dunnit...

1 comment:

Kit said...

LOL!! Love the cookies. Poor little gingerbread stiff
(Babyman wants to type something):

jjjjjjjjjj xc bgr

Nice work on the house! Man, does mine ever need that sort
of]'attention right now. . . but I think I'm going to make a pumpkin pie instead.