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Saturday, November 8, 2008


On Thursday, I drove up to the gallery to demonstrate - that's when an artist sits and shows how they go about their art, not marching about with a sign - and I was struck by the world around me as I drove.

It was full-on Autumn, and the trees rolling along with the hills were a patchwork of beauty. The sunlight was whiskey, amber-golden, the finest Scotch, pouring out over the world. The first great gulp of the day burned all the way down to my toes, warmed me, brought tears to my eyes as it struck me. The small sips gave me the grace notes, the smoky peat, the sprouted grain, the touch of oak form the aging barrel - small sips of day/clean air/color that sent tingles to fingers and toes and mellowed that first harsh swallow into a fine, slow warmth of appreciation. One could get drunk on such a day if one take it in immoderately...lucky I have a tolerance for this whisky light and can drink it in...small sips, great draughts, I can take it.

I love my planet.

Today, Bird and I are heading up to Mum's place to get his picture taken with the man dressed as Santa. Yes, I'm a spoil-sport - I don't call him "Santa", but "the man dressed as Santa". I won't lie to my kid like that. He doesn't mind. Anyway, we decided to go ahead and get it done now so we don't have to fight the malls or crowds elsewhere. Also, I can get the million-and-two cards done earlier this year and not feel like a slacker for waiting until the second week of December. Maybe.

I am working on two baby quilts this weekend. A woman who works with my friend Michelle didn't have insurance for most of her pregnancy and didn't know until a month ago that she was having twins. Umm...surprise!! She wasn't prepared for one baby, let alone two. She had them a couple of weeks ago, one boy, one girl. I decided I'd make quilts for them...not matching, but somewhat alike, with some shared fabric and some unique, to give the woman for her babies. They'll be simple, and if I'm not a complete flake I'll photograph them and post pictures.

While I generally disapprove of many aspects of socialized medicine, I do think there has to be a way for someone like this woman to receive care...and in Georgia, at least, there is. Peachcare covers a woman through her pregnancy and post-natal care, and also for the child until they are an adult, if needed. I wish more women knew that.

Soon all the leaves will be gone, and I will once again be able to watch the world circle the cul-de-sac. Our not-so-new-anymore neighbor's kids play out there, and I get a kick out of their inventiveness, vitality, and general good humor. Bird likes to watch them and occasionally tries to play, too, but they're bigger boys, and he can't keep up. I don't try to stop him, though...why limit him? He'll learn to fly soon enough, and if they're half as good then as they are now, the boys will let him tag along on their bigger-boy adventures. Skinned knees, bumped heads, poison ivy, and fond memories are in the offing.

My spell-checker hates the word cul-de-sac.

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Beth Partin said...

Despite all the stress we put it under, we do live on a beautiful planet. I'm glad that I'm able to notice the small beauties around me because they can often make my day.