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Saturday, November 22, 2008


We had another jaunt to the chiropractor on Friday afternoon. It was chilly, but not too cold, and T warned me to bring the camera and make sure Bird had warm clothes on- he didn't tell me to dress warmly because he knows better; if it's above freezing I probably won't wear more than my shawl (to keep the wind off, mostly).

On the way home, he drove us down a side road and to the park where he used to launch his jet ski into Lake Lanier.

You may not know this, but we've been having a drought down here in Georgia. It has been going on for a number of years now, and everything is suffering - including the lake.

Lake Lanier is a man made lake, a reservoir for the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas. The water that made and maintains the lake id from the Chattahoochee River; places downriver need the flow to continue, despite the drought, so the Corps of Engineers has to keep releasing water even if that means the lake goes down. I often joke that people with lake houses now have larger lots - are they paying more taxes because of it??

Towns that were submerged when the lake filled are popping out of the water these days, derelict mushrooms of human history springing from soaked earth.

We had a nice walk along what used to be lake bed (which used to me hillside), and I got a few photos.
Looking across the lake - see all the sand? That used to be under water.

A self portrait, and one of the rare photos of me you'll find on the Internet or anywhere else.

A family portrait. You can really see who Bird takes after...

This tree used to be under water, too...T used to tie his jet ski to it.

When the lake was full, T and Bird would have been under water. I don't think wake is a problem, right now.

Yep...not an issue.

Can you see why I thought this was funny?? You can't really see the other humorous sign - it's painted on the edge of the docks and declares "No fishing from the dock". Umm...OK.

I shot more than fifty photos, but that's a bit excessive for a blog post - even one of mine. My ears got chilled (it was breezy) and I wanted dinner, so we piled back into the van, but it was a successful jaunt - Bird enjoyed himself and had fun with T, and we agreed that we'll go back and explore other parts of the park another day.

I generally don't approve of man made lakes, but if it's there, we may as well enjoy it...no?

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