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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surprise Quilts

Not too long ago my friend Michelle's co-worker was surprised to learn she was having twins. Then she had them.

She was not prepared for one, let alone two new little lives.

Aside from an inkling of what her name is (I actually am not certain, but I think it starts with "M"), I don't know the woman - but I can certainly feel for anyone who needed medical care and couldn't afford it for most of her pregnancy, and so didn't know about the two lives within her until just before they made their appearance on the stage of her world.

She doesn't have much. Several of my friends - Michelle, K, and the other K - have gone through their baby things and donated buckets, barrels, baskets, and bounties of clothing and baby items for the two wee sprites.

As I have already sold or given away all of the Evil Genius things I was willing to part with (almost everything but a couple of the very cutest outfits that I just adored on him), I decided to make a couple of quilts. Something new, just for them.

Nothing fancy. I am not an adept quilter, so simple is best if it's to be done in a timely fashion - like before the kids are twenty.

I went with six-inch (finished) squares, five by seven, making for a thirty by forty-two inch quilt for each child. For the boy, blue and green. For the girl, pink and green. Backing both, green fleece that I have been calling Muppet fabric - it's soft in color, soft in texture, and for some reason it makes me think of Muppets. The green on the front is common to both quilts - I wanted something twinnish without being identical (because the babies aren't identical). I didn't use batting - we're in Georgia, and the fleece should suffice - so rather than actually quilt designs or stitch around the blocks (which I would still be doing), I tied each square at its corners with green pearlized cotton. I may use the leftover fabric to make pillows, too.

I think they turned out OK...although I have been chanting my quilting mantra: "Finished is better than perfect, finished is better than perfect...I will not frog it and start over...finished is better than perfect..."

Want to see?

Thank you, T, for modeling them - it's awfully hard to hold up a quilt and photograph it at the same time.


The Glamorous Life said...

What a kind thing to do...you are so special spreading your shade and sweetwater to those who need it it!

Susan said...

Oh they're beautiful! What a lovely gesture. I always appreciated something made just for me or my babies. Just means more. Wish I had talent to do something as beautiful as that!

Kyddryn said...

Glamorous One, thanks.

Susan, thank you - and you could if you wanted. I can really only sew in straight lines, and even simple clothing patterns take me ages, but this kind of quilt is easy-peasy - cut squares (or purchase pre-cut, who knew??)(but I cut my own because I'm a control freak) and sew into strips, then sew strips together. Voila, quilt top.

Writer Dad said...

You're such a sweetheart, Kyddryn. The Glamorous Life is right, you are so special spreading your shade and sweetwater.

Beth Partin said...

Those quilts look good to me, and it was very generous of you to make them.

I've had an idea for a while of taking old clothes (especially bridesmaid's dresses) and cutting them up for quilts. Don't know if the different types of fabrics would work together, but it sounded like a fun project. Now if only I had the time...

RachelW said...

Beautiful, soft and snuggly... they are just lovely!

Mrs. G. said...

I love the colors.

Kyddryn said...

WD, thanks.

Beth, welcome, and thanks. I have some of my son's clothing saved in a box, and when he's grown I plan to make a quilt out of something from every year of his life to that date, and maybe I'll even give it to him.

Rachel, the fleece on the back IS cuddly...the cats and the Evil Genius took turns trying to requisition it.

Mrs. G, thanks - I know newborns can't see colors, but I'm hoping these will last them a long time. The pink is definitely NOT in my usual palette...but I kinda dug it.

Kit said...

They look great!