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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two Letters, One Election

My Fellow Americans (and anyone else who gives a dang),

I would like to thank you for stepping out of the dance of your day, pausing the rhythms to which you run, and voting (if, that is, you voted - and if not, why???Why would you leave that up to me??). Thank you for taking your children with you, if you did. Thank you for pestering your family, friends, and co-workers to go collect their little sticker and scoop of Ben and Jerry's finest, on the house.

As I write this, I don't know who the winner is; there is quite a bit of celebration by Obama fans, and a lot of silence on the part of McCain's supporters, and bugger-all coming out of Barr's camp, but it's still early and I hesitate to celebrate or mourn when I don't know which speech my candidate will be making later. Of course, I hope my candidate wins (Go, Minnie Mouse!!!) because I voted for the one I thought would best represent myself, my family, and my nation for the next four years; the one who I hope will be the very best person to lead us through whatever comes in their not-quite-half-a-decade in office.

Before I voted, I am not ashamed to say, I prayed. Dear Goddess, although I am choosing This one over That one, please let the Best one win, whoever will be the one to handle my beloved nation's needs. If I voted for the one who loses, then I accept that he wasn't the best choice for my nation. I will continue to decry laws that restrict freedom, whoever they come from, and I
will continue to do my best for my family and my nation.

My fellow dwellers in these peculiar times, I have faith in you, too. I believe that you voted as I did, for the person you believe will support and protect your rights, your family, and me. Thank you for looking out for me and mine. However divisive we may have been, I know that we will face our future together, ever doing our best to ensure that the generations following us will inherit a strong, vital, living, and free nation. We made history, this election.

For the next four years, whatever else we have, I wish us all Shade and Sweetwater,

Dear Mr. President (whoever you may be),

Please remember that our wonderful nation is founded on the basic principal that government is not here to protect us from ourselves, to regulate us into submission, or to quash our freedoms; it exists to help us maintain our freedoms and to ensure that we are equal under the law.

Please remember that we are a disparate people, and we are passionate about so many things, but we are all Americans and deserve to be treated with dignity and concern by the people we've elected to watch out for us while we go about the business of raising our families, enriching our nation, and living our lives.

Remember that you made promises, and whether I like them or not, you should be a man of your word.

Remember that it says "Freedom of...", not "Freedom from..." and try to take it to heart.

Try to maintain the dignity of your office and remember that there is always someone watching, someone listening, someone who knows what you are doing.

I wish you luck in the next four years - we are an obstreperous, rowdy bunch to manage, and we're awfully unapologetic about it; you've got your work cut out for you, and I don't envy you one little bit.

Shade and Sweetwater,


Charlie Hills said...

I'd sign that.

Writer Dad said...

You voted for Minnie Mouse too? I thought I was the only one.

foolery said...

I'd sign that, too. : )

You asked about Prop. 8 -- it passed. I was disheartened. I think if we allow people to marry the person they wish to marry, then the religious institutions can sort it out. If it is offensive to a religious person that Bob and Bill's marriage is equal to their own in the eyes of the law, then they need make sure they have a *sanctified* marriage, one that is supported by their religion. In the eyes of God as they understand God, their own marriage would be more holy than Bob and Bill's, if that helps them get through the day. Then Bob and Bill can find a religious institution who will bless their marriage, if they choose. Keep the government out of it. Let the congregations sort it out.

WHEW! Sorry to spout off. But I just happen to think the world would be a better place If I Ran The Zoo. (But nobody else does.)

Shade and Sweetwater to you, too, Miss K!


Kyddryn said...

Charlie, thanks. My Mum thinks I should print it and mail it to him when he's sworn in - I think it highly unlikely he'd read it or even care what I think, but I may send it anyway.

Writer dad, rock the Mouse vote!!

Foolery (and Charlie, too), feel free to print it and send it if you wanna. I am sorry that prop 8 passed. I've officiated more than one gay marriage, pleased and proud to do so, and am heart-sore that it wasn't legally recognized. I cannot fathom how anyone can believe that State recognized rights can be limited to a few, narrowly defined folks - a right it a right is a right, it is for all or for none. None are free unless all are free. The Church is another matter, but this wasn't a measure for the Church. You are always welcome to spout off here...I certainly do, here and everywhere else I visit in Blogopolis.

When I am president (hah!), you can be on my cabinet. I'm making Ted Nugent my secretary of defense, and my friend S the Goddess in Charge of Educational Stuff, but I don't have any of the other positions assigned yet. What'll it be?? :-)