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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Saw the Sign

Have you ever seen hobo signs?

They're a bit like tagging, only more communicative and they don't piss me off.

I dig hobo signs, and recently found a website chock full of them. How cool!

No, my geekery knows no bounds.

So, anyway, if you're interested in hobo signs and what they mean, here's a nifty site for you: Hobo Signs.

I've often thought of making a "Kindhearted Lady" sign for my house. Shut up. I am too kindhearted. I doubt a hobo would ever see it - we're not exactly in the midst of a human migration trail or anything - but it'd still be neat.

I should make a "Housewife Feeds for Chores" one. I totally would.


The Glamorous Life said...

Okay this was awesome. After my kids and I read them all and I had to explain hobos, the depression and why 2 ladies would be living together (son said 'oh so that is so the hobo knows the are gay?')....I am thinking of making my own marks for 'BLOGGING HOBOs'...ya know like a pencil would mean 'loves comments' or a P with a line thru it would be 'not political'....

Yeah. I may have to post this idea. Then i am sure it will take off like gang busters. whatever a gang buster is anyway.

Magpie said...

I loved that link! Thanks.