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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Financial Fear Factor

Afraid? Why would I be afraid? Just because we went more than three-hundred dollars into the hole since the last paycheck (it was a domino thing, not an willful spending of what's not there, which makes it all the more frustrating), and we not only have bills to pay (some of which are of the "past due, we're going to shut you off you deadbeat, no you can't defer or pay them next paycheck we want our money now" variety), but there's a major, food-related holiday coming after the next paycheck but before another one.

So why would I feel dread at the prospect of going to the market? Perhaps because I am daft enough to host Thanksgiving here? Actually, I rather enjoy the day...I love to cook, and love to share a good meal with friends, family, and heck...even strangers off the street. No one goes hungry if I can help it...unless it's me, and that's OK because I bet I could live for a month off the fat in my forty-nine-and-a-half acre ass. Yeah, it used to be fifty-acre, but I managed to shed twenty pounds, and I figure that's worth a half acre, right??

No, it's not Thanksgiving that has me stressed - I can do the whole thing without breaking the bank because I love to cook and don't have to buy more expensive convenience foods - no it's the rest of the next two weeks that has me worried. And the coming gift-giving holiday that I've taken to calling "Christmahannukwanzuka" to save time, even though I'm pagan and celebrate Yule.

So we have nothing in savings, nothing but a huge hole in checking, and I have to figure out how to feed three adults, one child, three cats, the feral cats outdoors, and anyone else who needs feeding, for two weeks...for less than two-hundred dollars, and that still leaves bills unpaid.

Good thing I know how to make soup, huh??

Meanwhile, I've already decided that, except for a few people whose gifts I already have or am planning to make with my (extensive, thank you Goddess) yarn or fabric stashes, everyone's getting donations to varying charities for the gift-giving holiday of their choice. Sorry if that spoils it for anyone...but my concern over paying the power bill and resulting need to blog about it trumps your need to be surprised. You have over one moth to forget or practice faking surprised delight. Get to it.

I know we're all feeling the pinch...but good Goddess, I am so tired of it... It would be nice, for a change, to go to the grocery store and feel free to purchase fresh fruit when we need it, and not just once a month when we can squeeze it into the budget. I'd like to tell T "Go ahead and drink all the milk you want, I'll go get more..." instead of yelling at him for finishing it off.

And beneath it all is the feeling that it's my fault because I don't work outside the home, or for pay - I school my child and write, neither of which garners remuneration (<---I have been misspelling this word for years - d'oh!!). Sigh. The burden falls to T, who is trying like crazy to supplement his income without detracting from family time...

Sigh, again.

Tomorrow, something a little less self-pitying and a little more uplifting...I promise.


Kit said...

remuneration. remuneration.
I've been misspelling it, too.

Charity gifts are awesome. So are handcrafted lovelies. I've been thinking along those lines, too.
(Not that I read that, no.)

Good luck with the bill balance. It's no fun.

Writer Dad said...

We've been eating a LOT of soup, but it's okay, I really like it - all different kinds. I think tortilla is my favorite.

Susan said...

Beans, baby, beans! And I swear you could sell those quilts you make for some serious coin.

RachelW said...

It sounds like you need a Quick Cash Infusion. A one-off, modest bump to your pocketbook to get you through the holidays.

Craft fair? Just a thought...

A couple hundred bucks isn't a lot to eat on. Me and the kiddies eat really low on the food chain (vegan, except for a bit of butter and cheese for the kidlets), and we cook everything from scratch. We still burn about a thousand a month on groceries and incidentals.

I feel for you, and I'd totally buy your crafties if you had a sale, hint hint! ;)

MomZombie said...

This certainly hits home for our household as well. After being off work for two years, I need to go back but hey! we are in the No. 1 state for unemployment and layoffs and gloom and doom. Everyone I used to network with is out of work, too. I am dreading the holidays. We are thinking of doing a "children's only" gift thing and charitable gifts, also.
Hang in there!

Charlie Hills said...

Hey, look on the bright side. You may win a free book next Wednesday.

Kyddryn said...

Kit, I always thought it was "renumeration" and not "remuneration", but the dictionary begs to differ. Despite the fact that the dictionary folks are beginning to include "irregardless" in their tome, I still trust them...mostly...

WD, I enjoy soup, but the rest of the people living in the house aren't always thrilled by it. Oh, well - when they want to figure out both finances AND feeding us all, they are welcome to it...I'll use the time to write!

Susan, beans are a good idea...then I can feed my family on the cheap AND save on the heating bill!

Rachel, I'm doing a jewelry show on Saturday with Mum, and while I haven't got much to sell, I can work on more while I am there and hope for the best...anything is better than nothing.

MomZombie, you hang in there, too...even when I am feeling in the pits, I believe that one cannot climb the mountain until one has been at its feet.

Charlie, a truer word has never been spoken, and with the prospect of a possible new book to read, how can I possibly be blah??

noble pig said...

I am so sorry you hit a rough patch. However you have inspired me to be more thankful for everything I have. You can feed everyone for $200, be creative and use ingredients that are filling, heartwarming. And I think charity gifts are a great holiday gift. Take care.

RachelW said...

Don't forget the possibilities of marketing your beautiful goodies online; there's an opportunity to spread the wealth of your creativity around and make a few extra dollars, too. I've seen some great stuff on Etsy that friends and acquaintances have made, and they promote their goodies on their blogs.