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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Slap and Caress

When I was younger, I hung out with some friends who were interested (to varying degrees) in BDSM living. It wasn't my thing, but I try to understand and support the people I love, even when I don't always grok.

As a result of my interest in supporting and understanding my friends, I found myself hanging around in a bondage club/dungeon, making friends with the owner, getting an education I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd have, and becoming the club secretary for a BDSM group.

The places life takes us.

I learned a lot, not just about the lifestyle but about the people who practice it and why.

This isn't a post about that. If you want to know who, what, or why, go see for yourself or wait until I feel like opening that can of worms (which will probably be never).

This is, however, a post about how a particular behavior of mine mirrors a common practice in BDSM (heh...I wonder how many pissed off, disappointed Google searchers are going to end up here because I keep typing BDSM) - the slap and caress.

I don't know if that's what it's called, and don't really care enough to research methodology...it's just a descriptive term.

The Dom slaps the Sub, then caresses the offended spot. It soothes away the slap but keeps the skin stimulated. Yeah, umm...that's about as far into that as I'm getting.

However...I tend to do that here on my blog. I know I'm doing it - it's a conscious action on my part. I write a heavy post, a prickly post, something uncomfortable...and then I post a fluff piece after. It's how I roll, yo.

I've noticed I'm not alone in the behavior; if we form a club, I am not going to be the secretary.


MomZombie said...

I wonder if I would be in the same club. I sometimes feel like I write the multiple personality blog. You know you are going to make me Google a bunch of stuff about BDSM right now.

Kyddryn said...

MomZombie, it's a fascinating lifestyle, and one that I could easily have studied and striven (strived? strove??) to understand for many, many years...but it wasn't a life for me. I cannot bear to be bound in any way - I MUST be free to move about as I wish, or I WILL lose my mind, and not in a fun way - more in a "When I get lose (and I WILL get loose, I will hunt you down and eviscerate you with a dull, rusty spork" kind of way.

I don't feel or process pain normally, either, so I think it would render the whole "play" moot.

Have fun with the research... :-)

foolery said...

HA! You're funny, K. Never thought about it in quite those terms, but I do like to follow something serious with something lighter in tone. And Yes, I do sometimes write serious things, no not often.

Remember back when people made mixtapes for each other? I used to delight in following a screaming Who song with something almost perversely silly and light. My friends thought I was a wacko; thank heavens I have successfully proven them wrong. ;)

-- Laurie

Susan said...

You make me hot.LMAO.

Kyddryn said...

I remember mix-tapes, Foolery...I never made one, but I remember other kids spending hours on them.

Welcome to the club.

Susan, my life is complete...