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Friday, July 11, 2008

Yeah Sure, Kid

"Mommy, when I'm one-hundred, can we buy a new house?"


I have no idea where these things come from.

He also informed me that a flood was coming (we recently saw Evan Almighty) and a giant squid was going to swim in the flood and he needed to warn everyone in the state of Georgia about it. Just Georgia - I guess the rest of you can go whistle.

He took the phone book into his room, and his (non-functioning) cell-phone, and started dialing. No kidding.

He told T that he didn't want to sleep in our room with us any more (not that he does that often, maybe twice a year) because the clock annoys him. Both clocks- when I'm in there with him, my clock annoys him, and when T is in there with him, T's clock annoys him.


He's OK with hanging out on our bed and watching Spongebob, though. Good to know, that.

"When I'm eighty-six, can I buy a car?" And crash it into a bus full of nuns, probably. He is, after all an EVIL genius. Way to plan ahead, kid.

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