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Saturday, July 26, 2008

(Not A) Lazy Day

I wasn't planning on doing much, today. Let' face it, I don't do much any day, but today was going to be a book-reading (Mum brought me Lean Mean Thirteen and I am looking forward to it), story-writing (I have about a dozen started, and wouldn't it be nice if I finished one??) sort of day. I wore my sorry arse out yesterday, traipsing through all the sparkly gemstones, beads, fossils, and mineral specimens - and then I came home, got a burr under my saddle, and cleaned my kitchen counter off (Can you say "Junque piles?? I knew you could!!) before attacking the stairs down to the foyer, and the foyer itself (Wow...I had no idea the cats could shed so much without being bald. Honestly, I could've made another cat!) because I am tired of being embarrassed to open my front door and chancing anyone seeing inside. Also, it's nice to be able to walk up the steps without having a slalom or obstacle course to contend with. The mini-Yetis being gone is an added bonus.

Apparently, the housewife bug is a twenty-four-hour thing, because I woke up this morning and (after a lengthy wrestle/cuddle/pretend we're dinosaurs play session with the Evil Genius) got right to it - So far I've started laundry, set chicken to marinating (read that last with a Southern twang and it'll sound less grammatically offensive), and cleaned the hall bathroom. I am only pausing now because I realized that I hadn't blogged yet today and felt a little...empty...inside. Also, T and J were out on a job this morning, and they brought back Tater Tots and a Cherry Limeade from Sonic for me...mighty hunters, I salute you!!

In a few minutes I am going to bake Leftovers Cookies - maybe even photograph the process and post the recipe tomorrow. Did you know I've posted 345 times since January 15'th? Holy crap! I never shut up, do I?? Whew.

OK, break's over...I need to ride this productivity wave while it lasts.


Suzy said...

I don't suppose you live near me and have a skin picker upper do you?

Kyddryn said...

Well, cosmically speaking we're fairly close together but in terms of planetary convenience, not so much. Also, my Dust Buster is not holding a charge, so unless all that slough is hanging around in a pile, I'd need to hang out for a day pr three. Where's a giant, hungry mite when you need one??

Yeah, I know, I'm gross.