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Friday, July 11, 2008


WTF is Fanbox and why do I keep getting e-mails from it telling me people want to be my adoring fan?? People I don't know, no less!! And then there's Fanbox Notes, which is trying to convince me that people I don't know want to ask me questions.

And don't get me started on the instant messages claiming that complete strangers have a crush on me, but I only get to know who if I click a link and play some sort of game. Grrr.

I also recently got one of those "Hi there, I am a foreign national trying to smuggle untold fortunes out of my country and if you'll give me your bank account number and passwords, I'll gladly share my millions with you..." e-mails, and this one claimed to be from a US soldier!! Despicable! I laugh off the ones from people claiming to be widows of Kuwaiti diplomats trying to get money out of the country, but this? Claiming to be one of our soldiers risking his life overseas? Oh Hell to the no! This one? I'm reporting to the FBI.

Does this happen to you? Or am I some kind of freak magnet??

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