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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What the...?

OK, whoever's putting psychotropic drugs in my water supply needs to stop.

No, really.

Because dreaming about a mutual interview with Barbara Walters? And it's in her home (I have no idea where she lives or what her home looks like, but apparently my subconscious does), and her bed is a living thing, made from a tree bent and shaped over forty years and it's in bloom? Weird. But the bed was pretty awesome. Oh, and then going outside and seeing a woman on an ultra-lite taking off into the wind with tornadoes all around, and me blowing little puffs of breath at the tornadoes to make them stop because I don't want them coming to the house? Umm...actually...that happens a lot in my dreams. I don't know why, but tornadoes like my dreams, and I am constantly unwinding them, dissipating them, or redirecting them. Hmm. Weird, anyway.

And then? Dreaming I'm in the house where I lived in Little Compton? The house I loved, and still love to this day despite the fact that the recent (bought it over a decade ago, but they came after my family so they're recent) owners decided that the interior walls wanted rearranging (On a century-plus old Georgian Revival? Really??) and that mustard yellow is just the color (It was classic New England white with black shutters when I was a kid, and will always be that way in my head.)? OK, so I have quite a few dreams there. But I'm not usually haunting it while Tom Selleck (Quigley Down Under Tom Selleck, no less) is trying to film a period piece there.

And it's not going well.

So I have to do shit like float over him and dump coins on his head because his funding tanked...and then mope around the set making sure they don't muck up the scenes, because dead me? All about the accuracy.

Also, I'm trying not to get caught because Tom's on to me. Now why wouldn't I want Quigley Down Under Tom Selleck to catch me? Hmm??

And then I do get caught, only then I'm Katherine Hepburn - any era Katherine Hepburn, because she was always brilliant.

And that's not the half of it - I'm in a hurry this morning and don't have time to write out the whole thing. Can you see why I might wonder if my water's tainted??

Hey, Tom...umm...I have some advice on that period movie...you know...in case you'd like to consult about it again...

Is it warm in here??


chris said...

Talk about vividly remembering your dreams...Have you been watching too much tv or movies lately?

Kyddryn said...

That's one of the oddities about the dreams - I have not been watching much TV at all, and certainly nothing with either Barbara Walters or Tom Selleck in it!

They really were quite vivid...

Susan said...

In my expert opinion, you're not drinking enough.

Kit said...

LOL! Wow- I was just thinking about "Magnum PI"-era Tom Selleck yesterday, and don't know why he popped into my head.

He's welcome anytime, though. . . I always thought Magnum PI was soooo handsome! LOL.

I'd love to hear more of those dreams! Did you write them down in detail somewhere?