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Friday, July 11, 2008

Keep Your Hands and Arms Inside of the Ride at All Times

If I've seemed a touch off-kilter to you lately, well...I am. I mean, more than my regular off-kilteredness. What? Did I make up another word? Oh, well - you'll get used to that.

I'm not getting enough sleep (bitch, bitch, bitch) - between the mattress giving up on the whole idea of support, reading or writing until all hours of the night, the Evil Genius' insistence that he must eat more than once or twice a week, and the relentless barrage of phone calls from bill collectors (Excuse me, the bill was due yesterday. For cryin' out loud, ease up a little!)(Why don't bills ever come due in sync with payday?? It's a conspiracy, I tells ya!), computers desiring my vote and calling day and night to tell me about it, and cats who think they ought to be in possession of the bed during daylight hours, I'm getting maybe four hours a night. If that. Oh, and there's also the insomnia, that queer state of "I'm exhausted but I just can't sleep" that occasionally comes to call and then claims squatter's rights.

Lack of sleep makes for more than the usual crazy. Just ask the mother of a newborn.

Lose enough sleep you get into sleep debt, and eventually sleep bankruptcy, wherein a sheep frowns at you and grills you on why you can't meet your sleep responsibilities and lectures you on sound slumber practices and...umm...

Wait, where was I? For that matter, where am I?

Lack of sleep makes my brain funny. Funnier, I mean. I get loopy and grumpy, I get hot and cold, I'm not hungry but I want to eat constantly, I am at once impatient and slow to grasp simple things, and Starbuck's is my friend!! Aren't they?

Small things irritate the crap out of me, and I am more prone to thoughts of violent response to the irritation.

I also tend to drop my basket more. Isn't that a nice little euphemism? "Drop my basket" sounds so much nicer than "Lose my shit" or "Get nuttier that squirrel poo", I think. The OCD lurks in readiness for these occasions, happy for its chance to shine.

In short (too late), I am not fit company for anyone.

T isn't stupid - he knows that here there be dragons. There's no charting these waters, because they're different every time we sail through them. Mostly, I think he tries to lay low and go unnoticed until the danger's past. Hah!

Last night, he valiantly tried to right the mattress trouble by placing an old pillow under the worst saggy part. Bless his heart. He also tried to assuage the grumpy bitch in the bed with talk of using the next tax refund (yeah, we plan waaaayyyy ahead around here)(we have to - the only way we can buy big ticket items is to wait for the refund)(we suck) to purchase a mattress set from Hampton Inns (if you don't know their new beds, you really should get acquainted) instead of trying to take a vacation (we were thinking of going on a family cruise). Sweet, huh?

Can we make it until February? Stay tuned - it's bound to get interesting!

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RachelW said...

I hear ya! I'm squatting in my big kid's bed right now, while he is away, as I ripped out the rug in my room and have to install wood before I can put the bed back in. And the cats like to sleep on his bed. And prowl, and tease the dogs at all hours of the night. Even when they leave me alone, I am still having a hard time sleeping, and more than once have caught myself burning the midnight oil. Not fun when the alarm goes off at 5:45, not fun at all!

But still, it is mid-summer, the days will soon get shorter and the nights longer, and sleep will once again wrap us in her lovely arms... ;)