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Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Off...

...but you knew that.

I'm spending the day with Mum at the Franklin Gem and Mineral show, getting into trouble and wreaking havoc on the bead world. Woo-hoo, we're rebels!!


So, to entertain you in my absence (because I just know I'm the most entertaining thing ever...right after watching grass grow or watching milk curdle) I give you...

...crochet!! Wait, wait, where are you going? Honestly, some folks just don't get it. This ain't yer granny's crochet, folks...unless yer granny was into some heavy drug use. My friend Michelle sent me a link to a nifty page chock full of freeform crochet stuff, which I will now share with you...because I'm a giver, dang it. Freeform? What's that? Aha! I knew I could hook you! Hook...get it? It's a crochet joke...you know...hook? Never mind...

Anyway, go check out this group and their funky crocheted stuff.

Also, again because I'm all about the giving, I am this close (hold fingers an inch or so apart for visual) to being able to produce some of the buttons from my "Button, Button" feature. Yep, guess who got her a button maker? And, umm...guess who now has to figure out how to print or hand letter the buttons and assemble them without losing a finger or an eye or cussing fit to peel the paint? So in the next decade or so, I will be offering up buttons for sale for any brave soul who wants to wear them...in public or not, I don't really care. How much they'll cost depends entirely on how much of a pain in my bottom it is to make the bloody things. Details when I figure them out.

Although a gem and mineral show sounds boring, I will be having fun with Mum - c'mon, a day out sans offspring among adults and sparkly things, maybe even scoring a bead or two thousand? When going to the dentist without the kid can be like a vacation? It's OK, you can yawn without hurting my feelings, because...a whole day among gemstones? Muahahahahah....


Y'all have a good one...I'm sure I am.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Have a wonderful time with your momma and sparkly things. I love sparkly but don't have a clue what to do with it. I'd be curious to see what you come away with. That sentence ending in a preposition was my gift to you.