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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Bus...OK, Not So Much

I am, for me, up early today. I was planning on sleeping in, hanging out with the Evil Genius while T worked turns at the track, and makin' pies today.

That's not a euphemism - when I say makin' pies, I mean makin' pies.

Plans change.

Mum called yesterday and wondered if I might like to wreak havoc at a local bead show. I didn't think so, because I thought T would be at the track, and a five-year-old at a bead show? Yeah...not.

Then T informed me that he wouldn't be working turns tomorrow (today) after all. Hmm. Sooo...I can haz bead show?? He said "Sure, why not?" He would hang with the kid for the day.

But wait, there's more. It turns out, our roommate J (some day I'll explain him) has a job to do today, and T was going to go with him. No worries, they say, they'll bring Bird along and let him climb all over the "big truck" (eighteen wheeler) while he does a twenty minute install, then they'll come home.

But wait, there's still more. Yesterday, when T and J got home from their two-day trip around the Southeast, they noticed the sad state of my tires. Not just sad. Pathetic. Depressing. Dangerous. OK, just about worn slap through. No kidding, they were like an old pair of socks that you wear around the house all the time, and you've worn all the fuzz off in places so there's just a few threads holding them together - there were a few places where you could see the stuff under the tread. T about schwitzed when he saw them! When he came inside, he informed me the van was grounded until that was taken care of. Uh, excuse me? I don't think so! I need my van!

But wait, there's...you know. We don't have the money for new tires, so I was planning on patching mine with band-aids or duct tape or something. T and J don't see the humor in that. J decided that I (well, the van) was having new tires and an alignment, and I was having them tomorrow (today)! He made an appointment with The Tire Store to drop the van off this morning. He also decided that I had to have the road hazard plan, which I protested to no avail. Meanwhile, I'm wondering how many sexual favors I'm providing on a street corner to pay for these tires, but J offered to loan us the dosh until we can pay him back. Sweet, huh?

So instead of sleeping late, watching cartoons and makin' pies (yes, really, I do mean makin' pies) and blogging about them, in the course of a few minutes yesterday my Saturday plans were altered to: get up early, dress child, pack bag o' snacks, entertainment, and clothes (always pack extras clothing, even if it's a ten minute trip!) for child, make breakfast to go for child, send T, Evil Genius, and J off with the van to drop it off (J and Bird in J's car because T won't even consider the kid riding in the van until new tires are secured) then go play with a big truck, and get ready for Havoc at the Bead Show!!

Whew. I'm tired. Think I have time for a nap before Mum gets here??

Back later with a recipe for key lime pie.

1 comment:

Kit said...

Durn! There are a few things I could have had you look for at that bead show. (I've actually done a little bit of beading again, here and there.) Oh, well. Hope you enjoy your day away!

(And I am very, very glad you are getting new tires. Thank you, T & J.)