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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We were pounded by a storm last night. There was a web of lightning across the sky, and rain lashed the house in curtains. The wind had our trees dancing, tossing their crowns and shedding leaves and branches with the abandon of nymphs shedding clothing at a Bacchanalia. We lost power for just long enough for me to consider calling a friend or two and finding somewhere to stay overnight; we could have managed, but I really don't like sleeping in a humid, un-air-conditioned house in Georgia in the summer - especially when the air was thick enough to breathe with a spoon.
Power goes off, power comes on. Power goes off, power comes on. Off, on, off, on, all evening. Grr. Anyone want to subsidize (and by "subsidize", I mean "pay for") some solar panels and a battery bank? Or at least a generator? Puhleeeeeze?
I just ate fresh, ripe peaches and organic cream for breakfast. Dear Goddess, thank you for simple, wonderful things like fresh, ripe peaches and organic cream. When the first peach tree made the first peach, surely the Universe felt a little shiver of delight at the moment of ripening. Somewhere out there in the vast, star-stippled dark is a race of beings who have no peaches, and though they have great knowledge, wealth, and technology at their disposal, I wouldn't trade places with them right now. Yep, that was a mighty fine peach.
I have new neighbors, and I am old-fashioned enough to want to bring them a welcoming gift. As far as I could tell, it's a fella, his fiance, and two kids who are older than Bird but not old enough to drive. So...banana bread? Cookies? What do I bring them? Any thoughts?
Is it wrong that I actually wondered (for a few minutes this morning) whether I could forgo milk for my family and buy some yarn to crochet instead?? Would it make a difference if I said it was Peruvian wool? And no, Mum, I don't have enough yarn. There's no such thing as enough when it comes to textiles or beads!
If it rains again later, and if there's no lightning, I think I'll take the Evil Genius out to play in it. I bet we can find some good mud puddles if we put our minds to it.


RachelW said...

A basket of peaches? As a gift, I mean. A peach.

Suzy said...

First of all, thanks for reminding me I have peaches in the house and need to eat them.

And please send some rain to California. You can keep the power outages.

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, there's a thought! I could also make a peach pie or some peach muffins, since I would like to make them something. Hmm...

Mizz Suzy, I shall commence to rain-dancing forthwith...umm...only you should know that the last time I did a rain-dance, it rained for thirty-two days in a row. No power outages, though. Anyway, why would I export blackouts to you? Y'all have your own manmade ones! Meanwhile, I won't say "enjoy" your peaches, but...umm...maybe don't hate them?? Ooh, or find them as pleasant as peaches can possibly be! See, I read AND remember!

Susan said...

Before I even read Rachel's comment, I thought, "Peaches, duh." Send a peach pie my way would ya? So sorry about the power outages. I live in Arkansas and completely understand what sleeping in the heat and humidity does to people - it causes them to make their own gravy.

Love your blog!

Kyddryn said...

Susan, welcome! Umm...what's the postage on a peach pie? I'd probably have to overnight it, wouldn't I? Otherwise...eww!!

Yeah, when I make gravy, I prefer it be the kind on the stove, ya know??

I keep meaning to visit Arkansas...I want to go find absolutely no diamonds at that big field/mine there.