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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh, Yuck!

Yesterday started out a bit rushed; I had a doctor's appointment, no problem. I forgot that Bird had a dental appointment. Oops. Luckily, the nice folks at the dentist's office called the night before to remind me. Double oops, because his dental appointment was scheduled for thirty minutes after my doctors appointment, and while the buildings are across the road from each other, it just wasn't going to happen.

T to the rescue - he would get the kid up and to the dentist's and I could join them there when I was done with my own doctoral frolicking.

I had a long wait - the doc was busy, busy, busy and also running behind...and people like the impatient patient who kept demanding that she be taken for her labs while she waiting, thereby messing with the lab shui by butting in front of other patients. Also, apparently she didn't know precisely which labs she needed, just "a whole mess of them", and so she wanted them to interrupt the doctor's time with other patients to find out. Grr. That's why you have an appointment, madame, so the nice doctor can determine what to test for!

Don't get me wrong, sometimes you can just pop in for labs in the morning for an appointment later in the day, but that's when you know what they're testing for. I don't know any physician who simply says "Oh, test for everything." Wouldn't that take, like, a gallon of blood??

I got a fair bit of crochet done on the shawl I am making for myself. Hmm. That's two projects I have going for me - crocheted shawl and flannel quilt. How odd...I usually don't make stuf for me. The world must be coming to an end. A cold end, judging by the stuff I'm making.

I made it over to the dentist's to discover that somehow I had gotten the appointment time off by an hour. T and the Evil Genius were still waiting, but it's not too bad - the dentist had blocks to play with and comfy couches to sit on.

Bird has several loose teeth in his head. When the dental tech rolled Bird's upper lip up to inspect them, I was horrified. Another mother-of-the-year moment - eww! he has an abscess on the gum above his loose top tooth. Oh, blech. And I didn't even notice it, and that's the kind of thing you'd think a mum would see!

Well, it turns out that the abscess isn't because we're horrible parents who don't take care of our son's dental well being. No, it turns out that the teeth just need to come out faster - they've been loose for a couple of months now and they need help. So now we need to encourage the little guy to wiggle his teeth.

I know, right? When do you have to tell a kid to wiggle loose teeth? How weird is that?

And we are to leave the abscess alone. Easier said than done - at the very least I want to poke the thing with the toothbrush, or a tooth pick or a pin or...umm...sorry. I don't like the sit-and-wait philosphy...I am proactive about these things and want to get it dealt with. Plus it's...icky.

So here I sit with twitchy fingers wanting to yank a tooth out of my kid's head so the abscess goes away, or at least drain the yucky thing, and I have to sit on my hands to keep from mucking with it.

Sigh. Ain't motherhood grand??


RachelW said...

Personally, I'd poke the thing. Yeah. Or at least give the kid a lot of big woody carrots to chew on; they will wiggle the teeth for him and "massage" the abscess at the same time. I'll be astonished if you can leave the thing alone!

chris said...

Pull it! Pull it!

Kyddryn said...

Lol...I bet y'all peel scabs and pop blisters, too!

I am helping him wiggle the two top teeth, since they're both loose and want to come out, but I'm resisting poking the abscess or pulling the teeth. For now.