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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Compliment

I was paid a high compliment while in Ohio. We were vending next to a couple from Pennsylvania who make and sell stained glass, among other things. We know each other fairly well and get along swimmingly, and we've been setting up beside each other for years.

One day, because I was feeling both bored and insecure, I toted my latest art/craft thing over to them - the notecards I've been making (by hand) from some of my photographs.

They were quite positive in their comments until they came to one particular image - then they stopped and both insisted I should enter it into a contest, that it was as good as or better than many professional shots they'd seen. High praise! He even said he'd love a blow-up of the print, so I got his address and I'm going to enlarge it, mat it, and mail it...hopefully before next June!

Sometimes a body just needs to have that little affirmation that they don't suck.

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