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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are My Feet Supposed to Look Like That??

No, really...should my feet look like giant potato dumplings?

Hmm...must be summer, finally. I always get a bit...er...puffy...when it's hot outside, especially when I go out into said heat, and more especially when I walk around in it for hours, spending most of the day on my feet.

I'll have to sit with my feet up for days to de-puff, but it was totally worth it. We had a lovely time at the Ren Faire. I'll tell you about it later - right now I am trying to clean off what used to be my dining room table, but has lately come to resemble a tragic mishap at the office supply store with a side of Toys 'R' Everywhere thrown in for fun, at the same time cooking a very later breakfast for the boys.

Yeah, I hit the ground hobbling today!


Greta said...

Hmmm...mine currently look like pork rinds, so I'm the last one to ask ;)

foolery said...

Paddles. My feet look like giant paddles, more than I care to admit, lately.