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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hot and...well, mostly hot.

Not long ago I was conversing with a friend about the oddly cool weather we've been having. Usually, it's already well into the nineties during the day, and even the evenings are too warm for open windows - we'd usually be running the A/C full tilt by now.

Until three nights ago, we've had windows open to keep the house cool, and the A/C won't kick on unless I set it down to seventy...which I don't like doing. It's been cooler outside than in!

Today, that is supposed to change - the forecast is calling for temperatures in the mid-nineties. Of course. Because today, we are inflicting dropping of The Evil Genius with a friend and the adults are going to the Ren Fest again, this time to actually see some of the shows and maybe shop. Don't get me wrong, the kid's play area at our Faire is amazing...but it's not why I go.

So on what is shaping up to be our hottest day of the year so far, we're going to go walk around a huge, open, not very shaded site...and to make matters even more interesting, I'm wearing blue-jeans, because I refuse to wear shorts in public. Really, you'd thank me

Maybe I'll melt off thirty pounds or so!


Kiki said...

Honey, tan in a can and let the shorts happen.

Aunt Becky said...

Hehehe. It's been a weird spring all over the place, hasn't it?

Kyddryn said...

Kiki, (You know that's my moniker, right?? It's so weird using your name when it's my name...I feel like I'm talking to myself without actually knowing half of what I'll say!) it's not the lack of tan that concerns me...it's more the idea of chafing in public, sending smoke signals with my thighs, and sticking too things when I sit down. Oh, ugh, I loathe sticking to things!! Also, there's the little matter of de-fuzzing my getaway sticks - I won't.

Becky, yes...yes it has.

Kit said...

"de-fuzzing my getaway sticks"
~snork!~ That's pretty funny.