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Monday, June 16, 2008

Midnight Revelry

Tonight at midnight we have the first of our three concerts at this event. We'll be performing at the little (freakin' huge!!) cafe they have on site. This'll be a nice warm-up for our main event later in the week.

I am hoping that it's hot as all get out right now, as I'm selling (among other things) Cool Ties, neck wraps full of little crystals that soak up water and help folks keep cool. I keep a cooler full of ice water handy for folks to soak them in - total sales ploy, but it works. It helps that Mum and I made these ourselves - our booth is all about the things people make, nothing bought and resold. We have friends who send their art along with us, which gives our booth a really full, kaleidoscopic look.

Aside from the concert tonight, the band has two more this week, and I'll be leading or assisting with four workshops. We may have a handfasting or some other ceremony to sing at, as well - sometimes folks ask us to take part in their rituals, ceremonies, and the like, and we try to oblige when we can.

Whew, I'm already hot and tired just thinking about it...but in a good way!

I love you, little man - sweet dreams!!

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