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Monday, June 9, 2008

Once a Week is Enough, Right?

Going to the gym once a week should be fine, right?

Seriously, despite my hopes that we'd get to the gym every day, so far we've managed to go on Mondays, but that's it. Seems the remaining days of the week get eaten up and we don't get out there, dang it!

I am hoping we'll make it today, but it's looking grim. I need to start packing for my trip to Ohio - I'm leaving Saturday for a week-long event during which my band has three concerts and a number of workshops to perform. It's a blast.

At least I don't have to pack for the Evil Genius - he's staying home with Daddy this time, giving me a bit of a break. I enjoy having him with me, but it's tiring. When it's hot (at least half the week, and this year we're expecting several days in the hundreds) I worry about keeping him hydrated and out of the sun as much as possible. When it rains (at least once during the week, if not for the whole event), I worry about keeping him dry at least for a few minutes a day, and getting all the mud off him before bed time. Always I am concerned with making certain he is fed, clothed (or not, it's a clothing optional event and he usually opts out), and entertained. It makes for a long week.

This year, T is keeping him home, hurrah!! Mum and I are both looking forward to a PSG wherein we can go to bed when we like, rise when we like, and do as we like without concern for the child and his well being.

No, I'll just worry about what he's doing here at home while I'm away. He'll be OK subsisting on fast food and macaroni and cheese all week, right? Right?? Maybe he and T will get to the gym more than once while I'm gone...

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