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Sunday, June 8, 2008

How Hot Was It??

It was so hot, the cake melted. It wasn't an ice cream cake, either. Also, we were in the shdae, and the cake was on ice. Think about that.

Bird, Noodle, Sweet Cheeks and Little Man and some other kids all had fun playing at the park, and they were all pretty good about drinking water and resting now and then. Towards the end of the party, someone broke out a water gun, and delighted/angry shrieks ensued. Most of the adults opted to hug the shade as much as we could, even following it around the picnic table.

I actually pre-started the van to cool off the interior before we left, something I rarely do - waste of gas, too polluting.

Bird is bathing as I type, splashing in a tub full of cool water, hopefully washing the sand off - I swear, he brought half the sand box home!

The thermometer says it is over 100 degrees. I have no idea how those kids played for two hours in the heat like that. Thank you, people who invented central A/C!!

Meanwhile, in White Horse, Canada, it is snowing.

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Kit said...

YEAH, it was hot. We ended up cooling off and changing clothes at home before heading back out for dinner. Kids seemed no worse for the wear- amazing thing, youth!