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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Really? Really.

I was enjoying a snack of pistachio nuts a short while ago and, as is my wont, decided to read the nutrition information on the back of the bag. I like to know how I'm killing myself slowly, don't you??

There was the usual - serving size (not enough nuts to make a mouthful)(OK, am I the only one who thinks that sounds a little...funny?), calories (an astonishing number, considering the Lilliputian serving size), fat grams and types (Umm...don't read that on a pistachio bag if you want to keep enjoying your nuts)(Again, does that sound funny?), and grams of carbs (Nuts have carbs?? D'oh!!). The ingredients were even included, because someone might not know what's in pistachios: Pistachios and salt. Hey, wait - they didn't mention pistachio shells! Think I can make a case??

Also on the back of the bag, prominently displayed where anyone with a partially functioning eyeball can read it was a warning. The warning? "Allergen Alert: Contains Pistachios." Really.

Because someone buying a bag of salted, in-shell pistachios might not realize there are actual pistachios in the bag.

Y'all, what is the world coming to when we have to warn people that there might actually be pistachios in their bag of pistachios??

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Pistachio Nuts said...

That is so funny :) I've heard that many studies are finding that pistachios also raise your good cholesterol, or HDL.