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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last night, Bird and I were talking about...I have no idea, actually...and the conversation turned to my fast-approaching trip out of town. We've talked about it off and on for months, but he's only five, so his sense of time isn't quite the same as mine, and sometimes he wants reminding of things.

In a couple of weeks, I am leaving my Evil Genius to the mercies of his father while Mum and I head up to an event in Ohio - PSG is an annual event, and my band has been asked to perform there for several years running. We love the crowd, and they love us back, and when we make a mistake, they're very forgiving. You have to love a crowd that will laugh with you!

Usually, I bring Bird with me - T hasn't been able to keep him in past years, and unless Mum wants to stay home with him, I can't go without him. He's just gotten old enough to enjoy the childcare area that they so kindly provide, and last year he was delighted when it rained and I let him get covered in mud and leaves and other blech without yelling at him. Eh, it's a kind of pagan-hippie event, so stressing over cleanliness is low on the list of priorities.

Unfortunately, even with the eight hours a day of childcare provided, it's a hard week for me. I have band responsibilities - three concerts on different days of the week, and several workshops that I lead or assist with, as well as minding the booth that Mum and I set up. Whew. Also, we are usually asked to perform a few impromptu concerts, wedding songs, and the like. Busy week, all around. Add the care of a busy, active, bright little guy and you get one exhausted me!

This year, I harangued talked T into taking a couple of vacation days and keeping the lad home while I was gone. I need the week "off". It will be a vacation, despite concerts, workshops, and vending duties, because I won't have the added concern of Bird's care. If you're a mum, you will get this - even when someone else is watching your child, you are thinking about their care, planning the next meal, planning the next activity, worrying that they are behaving badly...so there's no relaxing while the child is nearby. Sleeping with the child isn't a picnic, either - he's a total bed hog, and he's too young for a tent of his own, so he must sleep with me or Mum. She's a trooper, alternating with me, but it means that every night, one of us isn't getting much sleep. Talk about grumpy!

T has never had a whole week with the Evil Genius alone, so this will be interesting for him. I think they'll do fine, although I may have to reintroduce the ideas of vegetables, fruits, tooth brushing, and bathing to the boy when I get home. Worth it, completely.

So Bird and I started talking about this trip, last night, and he started to cry. He doesn't want me to go...or at the very least, he wants me to take him with me. He would miss me, he said, and I would miss him, and he loves me so much he just doesn't want me to go. I told him he loves daddy, too...and he responded that he loves me more. Aww. So not true, but sweet, anyway.

We spent the next half-hour discussing how our hearts are connected so that, no matter where we are or what we're doing, we're always with each other, always loving each other. Again, sweet.

There are worse ways to spend part of an evening.


KC said...

What a sweetie!

Mrs. G. said...

No kidding! I miss these sweet talks.

foolery said...

I'm glad that you get the time away by yourself -- no, having someone else watch your child may even be more distracting than trying to do it yourself, I know -- but I'm really glad for all of you that T will have a week alone with Bird. So good for both of them.

Kyddryn said...

KC - I guess I'll keep him.

Mrs. G - I hear they start up again when puberty passes...around age thirty!

Laurie - me too. Bird needs some Daddy time to make up for all that they've missed due to T's last job, and it wouldn't hurt T to endure a week without me to buffer/interpret/run interference for them both. I think they'll get wet, dirty, and worn slap out, and have a blast doing it, and good for them both!