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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here We Go

Today we will be setting up two ten by twenty canopies and setting up our booth and camp site. I could just come to this event and camp, hang out, and take care of band business, but I get bored. Also, the only level area to park the utility trailer I call home for the week is in the vending area - so it's all about me and my comfort.

I only come to the event if the band is playing - otherwise, I can't afford it. I love the people - the crowd is awesome, always getting into the music and dancing, laughing, and generally having a good time. George the Sound Guy is amazing, and he always manages to make us (me) sound better than we (I) really are (am). I couldn't afford the gate if I weren't performing, sadly. Lucky for me, they give performers free entry (hey, some places don't even do that, and you end up having to pay to play - that sucks!!), although we still pay full price for vend sites. Also, we don't get paid to perform - no one does - but we're working on that.

So today we arrive at the site, get set up, and fluff our vend/camp site. We live behind the booth so we can open early and stay open late.

I hope it isn't raining - it always rains at least one day during this event, and a wet setup is surpassed in suckiness only by a wet teardown. At least we are Evil Genius free, which makes it ever so much easier...

Which reminds me - I love you Bird, and I miss you. See you in eight days!! Try not to kill Daddy while I'm gone...


chris said...

don't get paid to perform?!? Ahhhh for the love of the art.

Kit said...

Have fun! Maybe I'll make it to one some day. . . I think I'd enjoy! Here's hoping you move all kinds of merch from your vending booth!