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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

As Green As I Wanna Be

Or not. It looks like solar power will have to wait a little while, because unless I manage to get the balls to write a query, mail it to a million agents, get accepted by some silly sod, get a book deal, and sell the crap out of my little trio of children's stories, I won't be able to afford solar panels any time soon.

Do you hear that, Universe? I thought we had a deal! I write, you sell my stuff, I spend the dough on solar. Right? Right!

Well, now I know around how much it would take to power my home with solar, and all I can say is...OUCH!!! Holy crap, y'all - if people are really keen on green, they need to start making it easier for us mainstream, middle of the road, lower-middle-income folks to get in on it.

My house would be just under seventy-thousand dollars to convert. Yeah, that's right - almost half its current market value! Chump change for Bill Gates, but years (maybe decades) of scrimping and saving for my little family.

So...umm...if when I finally do manage to get my crap stories published, y'all are totally good for five or six hundred copies each, right?? It's for the planet!!


chris said...

Some how the financial aspect of going green needs to be address in order for all of us to do what's good for the environment.

Oh yeah, after you a couple a hundred copies of my book then I will gladly return the favor.

foolery said...

As long as it's not a coffee table book and priced accordingly, I'm good for at least one copy. And maybe so, regardless. :)

Kyddryn said...

Chris, as soon as you publish, I'll buy one or three. :-)

Laurie, probably it'll be a children's book with one to three stories in it. It's called "Dragons In My Room". A friend is reading it to her kids right now and I'm trying to get an artist friend to do the illustrating for me. There are three stories at the moment. So far, the kids like the first one...hurrah! I'm looking forward to learning what they think of the other two. My grown-up book isn't even done with the first round of reading/editing/proofing, so it's nowhere near ready for anything but a good deal of embarrassment on my part.