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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To Do, To Didn't

Before I left for Ohio, I sent T a list of things he needed to do while I was away - at his request! Here is the list with my returned-home observations added for fun.

Water the tomatoes every day. *He did, but they still looked thirsty when I got home. Note to self - plant tomatoes in the ground next time, not a pot!!
Water the little hanging plant thingie next to the stairs every day. *Isn't my technical English staggering??
Water the morning glories every other day. *As they are not brown and dead, I'm guessing he had some fun with the hose. The garden hose!!
I love you. *Yeah, yeah, shut up.
Water the Christmas Cactus on Thursday. *It isn't dead, so I guess he did.
Pick up Bird's book at Borders (It's a Little Einsteins book about space). *They made an outing of it and the Evil Genius was thrilled.
Feed the outdoor kitties. *Because wild things can't fend for themselves, can they??
Clean the cat boxes (poop on floor, ewwwwwww!). *No poop on floor when I got home, happy, happy!!
I love you both. *You'll get over it.
Feed the boy fruit or vegetables with every meal. *Not so much, but at least he was honest about their awful diet. He said "We were guys all week." Yep.
Take the boy to the Y (cards in van). *Again, not so much...but I didn't really think they'd go, and they DID manage to find other things to do.
Take the boy to the Nature Center. *They went and wore that place out. Best borrowed money (for membership) we ever spent!!
Take the boy to McD's to play. *I don't approve of the food, but it's the only playground-like place we have around here. They didn't go, and I'm not sorry. Now that we have a yard service, the lad can play outside and be free of the greasy air, leaky-diaper danger, and plague bearing children whose parents don't have enough sense to keep them home.
I miss you. *Well, once in a while I missed them...but if I'm being honest (and I try always to be honest) I was a little busy to be too homesick.
Read to the boy. *Well, they cruised YouTube together until dawn one night, does that count?
Get the boy to read some words. *Hmm...he's been remarkably quiet about this...
Get the boy to write. *Hmm...he's been quiet about this, too...
Let the boy run wild in the yard. *Mission accomplished!
Water the plants in the sun room on Wednesday. *It's a losing battle, but they don't look all the way dead, so I think he did...
Try not to kill each other while I'm gone. *Everyone alive and accounted for, so score one for the home team!
And did I mention I love y'all?? *Because I do, on alternate Thursdays when the Moon is waxing and it isn't raining.

They also cleaned living room, kitchen, and Bird's room, and someone did laundry because I am out of detergent (although I had to find that out the hard way - guess who's making a shop run later??)

If y'all can stand it, I'll be sharing bits and pieces of my week at PSG with you over the next few days - as soon as I get my thoughts organized. Oh, wait, that would be never. OK, so as soon as I feel like it and my feet de-poof!

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