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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hump Day

Our main concert is tonight - hopefully it isn't raining and we don't suck. Hey, I'm a simple woman (hush) with simple needs - a dry venue and a good performance will do fine.

Meanwhile, have a little recipe:

I shall call this fat bottom dip - I mean, look what it did to the cat. Come to think of it, that cat's ass reminds me of something...hmm...oh, right...my fifty acre bottom!!

This is a simple dip, and I am fond of it.

The cast:
Olive Oil (cold pressed, extra virgin, organic if you can get it)
Rosemary, fresh or dried, chopped
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Pour a generous amount of olive oil into a saucer or bowl. Chop your rosemary and drop it on in there. Grind sea salt and pepper over the lot. Warm some crusty bread (slices or hunks, your choice). Tear into bite sized pieces, dip, and enjoy.

Easy, no?

Want to get complicated? Add some red pepper flakes. Warm the oil in a pan before adding the other ingredients. If there's any of the dip left over (hah!), you can brush it on potatoes before oven-roasting them. Use basil infused olive oil for a twist. Your options are limited only by your culinary imagination.

Let Daddy sleep in a little, Birdling - he's all worn out after four days of relentless you!

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