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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Thursday, June 12, 2008


It rained last night. We had some fantastic lightning, glorious thunder rolling through the woods and bouncing from the hills, and the sweetest fall of rain we could have asked for. Elsewhere in the nation, storms were not so gentle or viewer-friendly - tornadoes have once more shredded the heartland. I hope everyone's OK.

I always say I'm going to pack for PSG well in advance so I'm not rushing around at the last minute, more crazed than usual. Hah! I am not half there, yet, although I finally have all the sewing done and can take the machine in for servicing today. Poor machine, it needs the rest!

I realized this morning that I may have a wee addiction. It's all over my house, I spend an awful lot of money on it, and sometimes it affects the way I care for my family. Curse literacy!! Books! I crave books!! Right now I'm reading: The Bin Ladens (a history of the now infamous family), Faster Than the Speed of Light (Joao Maguejo's book about how Einstein may have been a bit wrong about relativity, among other things - and how excited was I when I stumbled across his Discovery special on the Big Bang??), Stiff (the funniest book about dead bodies I've ever read)(Non-fiction), several trashy romances to balance out all that learning, and I will probably read Milkweed, Sold, The Secret Life of Bees, and Odd Hours in the next week. I'm still waiting for the second book in the Kingkiller series...Rothfuss, you SOB, put the hurry-up on that thing!!

I don't know how my son sleeps in his bed with all those little die-caste cars, stuffed animals, games, cards, and possibly several different lost civilizations sharing the space with him.

Every time I get my hair re-colored, I get Smurf neck. That's when the blue rubs off onto my neck, and I don't always know it's there before I go out in public. Sigh. Dignity? What dignity? Although, I guess I'm not all that concerned or I wouldn't dye it blue to begin with.

I am about to see if I've really lost weight or of the scale is playing a horrible joke on me - just as soon as I get my pants out of the dryer. You'll either understand or you won't...if you understand, cross your fingers for me! Please?


RachelW said...

So did they fit?

foolery said...

Boy, do I know the Pants in the Dryer test. Although, I can rationalize even THAT away.

Hi Kyddryn! Nice to be back.

-- Laurie

chris said...

Hey let me know what you think of The Bin Ladens...It's one of my summer reading list.

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, they did...easily! They are supposed to be quite tight after drying - they're made to be, because they are slightly stretchy and end up quite loose after an hour or so, and stay that way until the next wash/dry cycle. So they weren't as tight as they usually feel, which means either i lost a centimeter or two around the middle or the elastic is giving. I choose option A.

Welcome back, Laurie!!!

Chris, I am about a third of the way through, and it's fascinating - it's a history of the family going back as far as anyone can find them, and it shows how entangled the whole family was in the building of their nation. I haven't gotten to more modern times, but the history is interesting - it gives an excellent glimpse into the culture of a nation that may as well be another planet to most U.S. Americans.