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Friday, December 5, 2008


It was hard convincing myself to get up and go t the gym this morning. I am lucky enough to sleep late most mornings - a good thing considering that I am often awake until the very wee hours (three-o'clock in the morning is common). This morning, I just didn't want to go.

I went anyway, Evil Genius in tow - he loves the childwatch people and play area, and I am loathe to deprive him of his fun - and decided that I would do the circuit room instead of the treadmill today. I went around three times, and now some parts of my body aren't speaking to me. Oh, well - they have until Monday to sort themselves out.

I sorted through almost one-hundred photographs of Bird with the man dressed as Santa yesterday, trying to decide which one will go in the cards we send out. The above isn't the one I chose, but I like it, so I thought I'd share.
Today I will finish writing out greetings and addressing cards, and decorating the envelopes (I like to draw snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas trees, holly, or yule related pictures on the fronts, next to the mailing address - I can't draw worth a damn, but I just don't care). I hope to mail them this afternoon or tomorrow.
While I was filling out some cards last night - I am old-fashioned and I like to write out greetings by hand - I was thinking about the people I send them to. Some of these folks are family I haven't seen in a decade or more, and some are friends I see every day. A few I haven't seen or spoken to in longer than I can remember, and I send their cards out into the world with fond hopes that they are still alive and dwelling at the same address. It's funny, to me, to think that I send out photographs of my child (whom they may never have met) and well-wishes when I don't really know them any more. I know who they were, but not who they are.

Sometimes I wonder if I should quit sending the cards, but I can't bear to. I've only dropped a few names from my list over the years, all but one because the person in question has died (and I haven't yet figured out how to send mail across the veil). The one because in over twenty years she has never responded, frequently moves without leaving a forwarding address, and I'm tired of finding her through her trustees. She knows where I am if she wants me.

Christmas/Yule cards should be sent with love, anyway.
I am going to wrap gifts today, too. I have a few things for Bird. The fun will be getting them wrapped without him catching me at it - stealth wrapping at its finest! Wish me luck.


RachelW said...

I love the photo. Love it!

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, me too - there were so many to sort through, I hated not printing all of them. I'm glad to have the disk, though - I can print or post at will!