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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bird Flu

Bird is sick.

Poor little guy...he couldn't keep anything down last night, running to the potty to glurp within minutes of eating or drinking. He didn't have a fever, so it probably isn't really the Flu. He was cheerful, too, scampering about like nothing was wrong.

Thank the Gods he took after me when it comes to being sick - throwing up is just no big deal, and life goes one. Still...I hope it was something he ate yesterday and not some sort of creeping crud.

Meanwhile, I am disinfecting myself because I'm off to my friend M's baby shower, and I don't want to bring plague with me. I took pictures of the blankie I made for the baby, but haven't loaded them into the 'puter yet...so I have no idea if the turned out.

It's a dark yarn and an odd, textured pattern, but if the photos turn out OK, I'll post them later. If you play with yarn, it's a crochet pattern called Old Shale, and it makes a kind of raised ripple or wave effect. I like it, but it took a lot of focus to get done, because the pattern is not forgiving.

Right, I'm off to wrap M's other baby gift in the blanket - why waste paper?? - if I can get my poor, gym-achy body to do something besides complain.


RachelW said...

Get well soon, little Bird! Love, Auntie Rachel

chris said...

poor guy. Our little guy has been battling cold and cough for the past couple of weeks.

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, thanks - so far so good, today - he's keeping down crackers.

Chris, I hope your little guy feels better soon!