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Monday, December 8, 2008

I've Got Nothin', But I'm Making Somethin' Of It*

In so many ways, I've got nothin'. Sigh.

It's OK, though, because I have plenty of nothin', and even a fair amount of somethin', when I remember it, which I try often to do.

I got a check from my band manager which started out as somethin', but a trip to the Evil Empire turned it (along with my patience and my belief that humans are basically decent critters) into nothin' in a hurry. Well, nothin' and a healthy dose of guilt, both for shopping there and for spending it all...but Bird now has shoes and clothing for Winter, so it's not like I frittered it away on crap we didn't need. Ahem...I really did need that wrapping paper to live...c'mon, it was blue striped, and shiny! Not buying it? S'OK, I did. I had enough left to go to the grocery store and buy milk, bread, and the all-important colored sugar crystals for the sugar cookies.

It's baking week. Saturday is the cookie swap, and I am a woman on a mission. Twenty dozen cookies, give or take, and that's just for this Saturday - next week is more cookies, and bread, too. Whew! That's a lot of somethin' to share.

My pockets are empty, and so is the bank account, and that's a lot of nothin', but...

I have a Mum who looks after us when we need it (which happens more often than we like), and a roommate (T's best friend since childhood) who pitches in if we unbend our pride enough to ask, and friends and family who won't let us go without the necessities - and you don't get a better somethin' than that!

* I started out this post with nothing to write about, but somehow I stretched in into something - it's a skill that one learns when making a pot of soup last for a week, and I'm glad to have it! I'll try for something better tomorrow.


Susan said...

I've been gone so just now catching up. I, too, prefer to write personal messages on our Christmas cards. It means so much to me when I receive a personalized one that I can't bear to just sign names. The picture of Bird with the man dressed as Santa? Breathtaking! As are all your blog posts...

Kyddryn said...

Susan, welcome home - and thanks.