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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Farewell, Moon

Thirty-six years ago today, the last man stepped from the moon into the LEM, leaving the moon alone again for the foreseeable future.

Big Brother was born when Apollo 11 took off, and was home when the first men walked on the moon. I wasn't born, yet. The world watched, entranced.

December 13, 1972, I was almost ten months old, and the last man left the moon behind, shaking the dust from his boots and turning homeward - and almost no one watched or cared.

We are a jaded mess, people.

Men. On the moon. Walking, playing, exploring. The moon. And people yawned like it meant nothing.

I hear rumors that NASA may once more make trips to the Lunar surface. If they do it when planned, my son may have the opportunity to wander around on what is sacred space to my kind. Yep, I'm a lunatic. The moon makes me smile, and when I see her, I am peaceful. I know that I am beneath her beautiful visage, and so are my family and friends, however many miles may part us. I am united with my world under the moon, kin to all.

My son could walk on her. How awesome would that be? I wonder if he could sneak me back a moon rock. I'd be the most heinous witch in the coven!! Hey, c'mon - how many opportunities does one have to carry a piece of their Deity's representational object in one's pocket??

I hope they bring back the program, whether I get my moon rock or not. When we were up there, we were hopeful, curious, and somewhat united in our wonder.

We could use a little unity and wonder right about now.


Mrs. G. said...

What a lovely post. Have you heard that soon Judy Collins sings about the moon? It's beautiful.

"See her how she shines, golden trails across the sky..."

Last Place Finisher said...

I'm torn between the cost of exploring space and the cost of feeding the hungry. At one point in my life I wanted to be an astronaut. Thought I was going to get there until I failed a flight physical. Years later, I started paying more attention to issues that were closer to home.

But what do we have if we can't dream of going to the stars?

Kyddryn said...

Mrs. G, I don't know that I've heard that song - I will have to look it up!

Last Place, welcome! I wanted to be an astronaut, but I was told girls couldn't do that. I tell the Evil Genius he can walk among the stars one day if he applies himself. We need dreams - and if we keep up with the pollution and consumption, we'll be looking for some new digs in short order - so why not have a space program?

Suzy said...

We've wasted a lot of money up there and should be taking care of the people who dont have a home or food. Over 50+ of the population thinks it's now a waste of money and time.