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Monday, December 15, 2008

Swap This!

Below is a photo of the table at the cookie swap - and it doesn't even show everything, because a few folks came late. We had a merry old time loading up our plates and then making care packages for the local fire house.

This week will mark the second round of baking for me - the round that gets divided between neighbors, postal worker, and trash guys, as well as making a nice pile for T to raid at will or take to work. I'm also considering cranberry-orange bread and banana bread. Yes, I am insane.

I may wait and make the bread next week, during round three of the month-o-cookies when I bake things to bring to T's family on Christmas Eve and to some friends with whom I spend Christmas day (it's a long story I'll tell another time).

Along with my usual recipes, I want to try Noble Pig's recipe for ginger cookies. They made my mouth tingle with anticipation when I read the recipe!

I'll post something besides manic baking news soon, I promise!

Edited to protect the innocent.


Charlie Hills said...

It looks like the cookie swap took place in N-space. I'm almost expecting the Tardis to come flying by in the background.

Tara said...

What I wouldn't give to live within arms length of you Kyddryn!
They look absolutely fab.
You should be helping out Blogger Dad in his request for recipes to stop him eating utter rubbish on Blog To Fit!
Mind you not these recipes. You can save these for me. He can have the healthy stuff . . .

Kyddryn said...

Heh, Charlie - I am not artistic enough to edit in a background, so I left it empty - I didn't want to show the faces of everyone there, since I didn't ask permission.

Tara...healthy? Umm...what's that?? I wish you lived nearby, too - I need people to eat all these baked goods! I just want to bake them and make my house smell good - I don't want to eat them. OK, I WANT to eat them, but don't need to. Sigh.

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

You are like my perfect friend! (Reaches across the globe . . .)

Kyddryn said...

Want tea with those cookies? :-)