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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Psst, Hey, Wanna Buy a Watch??

OK, so not really a watch...but some really cool stuff, anyway.

Please permit me to introduce you to a new link list over on the sidebar. It's just below "Givin' You the Bird", and it's called "Feel the Etsy! Feel It!!". Yep - I'm pimpin' the Etsy sites of some of the people I know and love.

Unleash the Goddess is where K, the sister of my heart, flogs her wares. She's a terrific artist and she just put up her winter holiday greeting cards on her page. She drew them. Did I mention awesome? She is. She also has prints, coloring books, and eventually I will corral her arse and force her to start listing her incredible fused glass/dichroic jewelry. I guarantee you won't find anything like it anywhere else...if only she'd list it!!

2Moms5Kids is the home of some dear Internet friends. I won't say where we met or hang out in Blogopolis or the Blue Nowhere, because it's private, but I would not have the level of sanity I claim today if not for this group of fine, understanding, compassionate, and sometimes hilariously snarky women! I hope to have more of their Etsy sites linked soon (Ladies? Ladies?? Ahem? Are you reading??). 2Moms5Kids is a bundle of woolly, weird, and wonderful fun.

I will add more as they come in. I'm not makin' any dosh on this...it's more about giving people a little more exposure and maybe offering y'all a chance to find gifts without having to brave the mall or Silly Season traffic and behavior.

One day in the (hopefully not too distant) future, I may even have a bash at an Etsy site, myself. Woo-hoo!

So, aren't you glad you burned a calorie clicking over here?

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