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Friday, May 9, 2008

Far and Away

I am heading up to mum's place this evening to spend the night so tomorrow we can go to the Franklin Gem and Mineral show. She wants to get an early start, and I'd rather not get up even earlier tomorrow to drive up to her house.

Mum and I used to do quite a bit of palling around, before I met T and got married and started a family and all that. We'd jump into the convertible, roll the top back, crank up the Andrews Sisters and the Big Band music and hit the gas, going wherever the wind blew us. We didn't bother much with destinations; of course, that was when gas was cheaper. I believe we would have ended up in Canada, if the spirit moved us.

Sometimes we'd just go to the craft store, load up a basket with "stuff" and a goodly supply of hot glue, then head home for a day of messy fun. We have what I call "crafter's ADD" - we can't seem to contain ourselves to one hobby. Between us we knit, crochet, sew, quilt, bead, chain maille, do tile and glass painting, photograph, write, sing, play various musical and percussion instruments, color, paint and decoupage. I'm sure I've left something out. Probably several somethings.

I think she misses those days. I know I do. I'm sure when Bird is older, he'll enjoy, or at least tolerate, coming with us and we can take off again, but for now, mum is mostly on her own or having to play with friends her own age. Heh.

Tonight we'll have a lovely dinner at a restaurant that just opened in her town, a Thai place she's been telling me about. We'll be two adults, no child to entertain and keep well-mannered and low-volume so as not to annoy other diners. Just us two. In the morning, we'll pile into her van (she bought a champagne colored version of my van, she liked mine so much) and head up to Something Carolina (Gods help me, I can't keep them straight - I think I have Statelexia) where we'll spend the whole day wandering among the gem and mineral vendors, looking for pendants, clasps, and other doodads that mum can use in her jewelry making. I might find a bead or two to hoard use in my beading, too.

Mum's happy because we can spend the whole day there - last time we went, I only had a few hours due to childcare time constraints, but this time I made sure I had the whole day. I'm looking forward to it, too. I know that when I get home there will be dishes to do, laundry, probably a catbox that desperately needs cleaning, and Bird won't have had a fruit or vegetable to eat in my absence, but for tonight and tomorrow it can all slide.

I'm going palling with mum again - see y'all tomorrow night!


Kit said...

Have fun!

RachelW said...

I love rock and gem shows. hope you ahve some money to spend!

RachelW said...

I love rock and gem shows. hope you have some money to spend!

RhoRho said...

Not just commenting on this post, just in general, you are effin funny. Been seeing you on comments and finally paid you a visit.

Kyddryn said...

Thanks, Kit - I did have a lovely time. Heh...and of course, I'm going to write about it!

Rachel - I am perennially broke, so most of my day was on mum...bless her.

RhoRho, welcome to the looney bin! Thanks for commenting - I never set out to be funny, it just my life in all its glory. Whee...