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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wake Up, Wake Up, You Sleepy Heads...

It is almost eleven-o'clock, and The Evil Genius is still asleep. I don't doubt that the ring of the telephone or a meyowling cat would wake him right now, but I am trying to keep quiet and let him wake naturally, on his own.

Side note - as I just typed that phone comment, the dang thing rang. If I type a remark about winning the lottery...

Where was I? Oh, right, sleeping child. He was up quite late last night, playing in his darkened room. He doesn't have a night light and doesn't care - he plays in the dark until he falls asleep, and short of liberal applications of duct tape and Velcro, I don't see how I can stop him...not that I care to. Since we home school, the hours we keep aren't as important as they might be, and if we sleep from midnight to late morning, whose business is it, anyway?

I have so much to do today - I am off tomorrow to another event that will keep me away until Sunday morning. My band has a concert tomorrow evening at the event, and then one at Zoo Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, and then we're singing at a hand-fasting (wedding of sorts) on Saturday evening back at the event. Whew - lots of driving involved in all of this.

First and foremost, though, is taking Bird for a swim. He didn't get to go yesterday, after all - he went to the Nature Center instead and met some other young boys. The whole posse played in the creek, caught crawdads (and released them) and salamanders (and released them) and generally splashed, paddled, and played as boys - as children - will do. He came home a little wet, a little dirty, and thoroughly satisfied with the day.

Last night, he plaintively asked if we might go swimming today, and even though I must clean the van, pack, do several loads of laundry, sew some things to (hopefully) sell so I can make back my gas money for this event, type up and e-mail playlists, clean the kitchen, bake banana bread, and one or twelve other things before my weekly discussion group tonight, we are going swimming first.

In case I suddenly break my pattern and don't post again before I am off to this event, y'all have a good weekend.


Greta said...

Back at ya on the good weekend thing.

Have fun swimming! :)

chris said...

Why don't you post one of your performances?

RhoRho said...

Damn! And I thought I was a busy girl. WHat's your vice for doing it all? And my five year old wont sleep past 8:30 no matter what she did the night before. Eleven? Wow.

Kyddryn said...

Thanks, Greta - and welcome! We had a blast in the pool for over an hour. I'll post more about that another day.

Chris, none of our concerts are recorded, at the moment...we're small potatoes and don't have the equipment. I think there's a concert video of one of our songs out there somewhere, but darned if I know where.

Rhorho, insomnia helps, and neglecting things like clean bathrooms and yard work goes a long way for saving time. The Evil Genius stopped taking naps over a year ago, so I think he sleeps later to make up for it. Also, I am normally quite lazy, so I have bursts of productivity to make up for that. :-)