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Monday, May 19, 2008

A New Day

Today, T starts his new schedule, the one that he took this job to get. He'll be home during the day, now, except on the rare occasion he has to go out of town. Mondays and Tuesdays, he'll drive in to the office to work from four in the afternoon until midnight, and the rest of his work week will be at home form midnight to seven in the morning. He doesn't have to be awake during his home hours, just able to answer the phone on the (hopefully) rare occasions it rings.

So begins a new era in our home, where Bird has both parents (for the most part) during his waking hours. We are I am hoping that I'll be able to get some sewing, cleaning, and general mayhem accomplished during the day and that T and Bird will make up for lost time. Also, in theory, T and Bird can go to the Nature Center or wander outside while I get things done inside, or we can all go do things as a family. I think a trip to Fernbank is in the offing, as well as to Elachee and a few other places we haven't gone together.

Also in the plans are trips to the gym...together...as a family. Bird can hang out in the Child Watch area and T and I can compete cheer each other on while we work out.

We'll see how well this works - in a perfect world, it'd be terrific. Realistically, it'll take some adjusting - I'm not used to having T under foot all day, and I may have to lose my mind once or twice before I am used to it. I'll also have to stop talking to myself and may actually have to do something during the day besides write and read blogs and play with the Evil Genius. Dang.

OK...off to the gym for the first time in...umm...I can't remember. Pray for me.

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