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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stormy Weather

Don't know why....there's no sun up in the sky...

Oh, wait, yes I do. A wad of storms clog-danced on through the Southeast yesterday and last night, and we've still got a fair bit of cloud cover keeping it cool. Luckily, the rain and other storm-related fun waited until long after the chosen plumber was finished replacing our broken pipe in the yard and had covered it all up again. Our front lawn has a bright red scar on it, but we don't have to worry about another crazy-high water bill, so it's all good.

Around three-thirty this morning, the storms passed through our little patch of Earth, bringing with them a spectacular light show choreographed to their own original sound track. I woke up and listened for a while - I'm all for a free concert, and Ma Nature makes some of the best music around. Who else can give you a three-dimensional drum solo complete with lights and water effects?

Other parts of the state were a bit less enthusiastic about the show - I guess tornadoes could be considered a detraction - but even the Who occasionally destroyed a hotel room or stage, right? I'm sorry for the folks who came to harm or realized their moment of mortality last night...we pay the price for the beauty around us...its a terrible beauty, sometimes.

I'm still trying to get in touch with Big Brother - storms sometimes knock his phones out, so that may be why no one's answering. Also, he and the family could be visiting the Wonder Preemie, or out to breakfast, or (less likely) sleeping in or on the phone to England, where his wife BritSIL is from. If I can't get through to them in the next hour or so, I am trying his cell phone. I'm not too horribly pressed because I know they'd call if something was wrong - our family motto should be "No news is good news".

Mum had strobe lightning, pounding thunder, driving rain and thudding hail at her place, but no damage. Whew.

Later today I'll post the rest of my Saturday with mum...right now I am in the midst of making my house smell nice by baking chocolate chip cookies, which aren't my favourite but they sure do smell lovely. Later today or this evening, I may even make banana bread. Mmm...

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