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Friday, May 16, 2008

I've Been A-Searchin'...

Just for kicks, and probably because I was in a sleep-deprived delirium, I checked out the stat-counter thingie that tells me all kinds of interesting things like...where you're from, by country, state, city, or star sign. OK, so not the last one, but it gets pretty detailed. The function that brings the most giggles is the "key word" bit, where I can see what search words or phrases brought people to Shade and Sweetwater. Most of them are fairly mundane, so I'll ignore 'em for the moment. Below are a few that cracked me up (to varying degrees), and the things I thought as I read them.

"sex pagan rituals braselton ga" - It wasn't me, I swear!! I don't know why this brought anyone to my page, but boy were they barking up the wrong tree!!

"winstone churchill palling" - Winston Churchill's lesser known third cousin six times removed, who was knows for his friendly demeanor and habit of buying more than his fair share of rounds at the pub.

"brain left aching" - You have my sympathies.

"saigon sin" - Once again, someone was severely disappointed.

"single, and celibate, and lonely" - Words fail. I don't have any idea when I've claimed to be the first two, although I will cop to the third...

"captain skidmarks one hit wonder" - Heh...Captain Underpants' sidekick made single that went triple platinum, but the follow-up album fell a bit flat when the drummer quit due to sartorial dissension - the drummer was a boxers man and Captain Skidmarks wanted everyone to wear briefs for a more uniform image. There was talk of a reunion, but it never went anywhere after someone leaked the story that Captain Skidmarks was addicted to cosmetic bleaching.

1 comment:

RachelW said...

I have to wonder if the searcher ever did find any "sex pagan rituals" in your town. It would be good to know what community resources there are out there!

I've never had anything so bizarre in the searches that brought people to my blog. Usually it's something about the moon, and once recently someone was looking for "hobbit" and pulled up a picture of one of the rabbits who lives with me. Then again, I haven't posted anything about sex pagan rituals lately. ;)