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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What Say You?

*Edit - This is the center petal cluster of a black iris, either "Hello Darkness" or "Anvil of Darkness" (I have both in the Iris bed, but I can't remember which one this is...I need to look it up). It's a detail from the photograph below. I love these flowers, and they are among the few things I can plant and grow successfully, mostly because they really prefer to just be left alone, which is something I'm brilliant at - ignoring plants. I also love the sharp difference between sunlight and shadow on the top ruffle.


Bob Cleveland said...

I say wreempleesterneff

Kyddryn said...


Bob Cleveland said...

Weempleesterneff wasn't a sneeze. I have no idea what it means, but I have no idea what the picture is, either, so it seemed appropriate to say something like that.

Incidentally, do you know what gesundheit means?

Kyddryn said...

Well, yes, but it COULD have been a sneeze, after all. I was debating between that or the sound one makes when stubbing one's toe on a large stone in the middle of the night when one is camping and needed to go visit the trees and forgot to put shoes on.

Literal translation, "gesundheit" means "to your health", but it's often taken to mean "bless you". Either is a fine sentiment, in my opinion.

The photograph is a detail of a black iris I have in the iris bed out front - it's from last year, as they're a little slow in showing themselves this Spring. Drought conditions for most of the year mean we may not see many of the usual blooms. As, well, c'est la vie.

Becky said...

I say "pretty."

RachelW said...