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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sweet Boy

This morning, apparently forgetting that he is part mule, the Evil Genius clambered into my bed, cuddled up close and...farted.

Gee, thanks.

We have a game we play in the morning sometimes, hand wrestling. I prop my elbow on the bed, and wave my hand like a cobra, and he runs from the foot of the bed and pounces on it. Then he wrestles it around while it tickles him. Repeat with endless variations of pounce/wrestle/tickle. Sometimes we have a dead hand, and it just flops on my wrist while he tries to get it to wake up. Eventually it rears up and tickles him soundly, and we begin again.

He finds this immensely amusing, and I get a kick out of his laughter. It's better than coffee for a wake-up charge.

We have a lot to do today. I forgot to get the trailer registered in February. I don't know how I forgot...it's not like I don't look at it every day, parked on my driveway, waiting to be my home at one festival or another. I just...forgot. We also need to go get some archival pens for writing on the note cards I'm making...by hand...without benefit of paper cutter or other useful tools. Maybe I'll get a cutter today, too. And more paper. And a second pair of hands - two don't seem to be enough! We have bills to pay and groceries to buy, and things to be doing all over town that I hope to get done today so I don't have to waste gas driving hither, thither, and yon all week. Sigh.

I feel boring, right now. Maybe we'll have an interesting (in a good way) day that I can write about later.


Aunt Becky said...

Your son sounds like my husband. Cute.

chris said...

I would give anything to hear my children laugh all day. Man, I just love hearing them laugh. Specially the younger ones because they still have the innocent laughs.

foolery said...

How can you say that? You have to be one of the least boring people I've "met" here on the computer. You have an active, inquisitive, fertile mind, and my only regret is that I can't read you when I'm feeling dull or silly (my two most common states), because I can't slip into your thought process.

Okay, that sounded rather creepy, but it wasn't meant to be. :)

-- Laurie