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Friday, April 11, 2008

Can anyone explain to me...

...just what the hell Einstein was thinking, with the Cosmological Constant? In layman's terms? Because it's pissing me off.

I always liked Planck better, anyway - I find the idea of reality being uncertain of its own existence (at its most basic levels) to be rather delightful. No wonder we're all insecure; we're reflecting Planck's uncertainty field (OK, so he really came up with Planck's Constant, but it defined uncertainty, too, didn't it?? Or am I getting him mixed up with someone else? Eh, it happens.) on a macro level! Whee! Also, some day...maybe I can figure out how to use that to my advantage and convince my lawn clippings that they're really hundred-dolllar bills. If I manage that, you'll be the first to know.

This is the result of chatting about Quantum Physics with a bunch of Pagan hobbyists. Real scientists (if they read this blog) will undoubtedly choke on their combined laughter and outrage at my abuse of the science, but they'll get over it.

Whatever - I say cheers to the reality wobble!!


Chris said...

While some people would categorize me as the intellectual type even though it doesn't reflect on my blog posts, your topics are still too heavy for me specially on Friday. Let me do some research and see if Planck's theory really holds water. As far as Einstein, I'm a big fan!

Kyddryn said...

Aww, don't press yourself - I'm just a dabbler. Truly. I enjoy making my brain overheat, and I find some of the ideas in Quantum Physics delightful (which probably means I'm missing the point entirely).

Einstein was fun, and I'm fond of him...it's just the Cosmological Constant that bothers me. As for Planck, well...I really do get a kick out of the whole "reality isn't entirely sure of itself" idea...makes me feel optimistic that, if we put our collective minds to it, we can change anything (because all we have to do is convince it that it isn't reality after all, and replace it with our own definition of what's real. Which could get messy, but imagine the fun!).

foolery said...

All of it makes my head spin, so I tend to run screaming into the night in the other direction.

That said, it seems to me you don't need to convince the lawn clippings of one darned thing . . . only the retailers. :)