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Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm back!

Didja miss me, huh, huh, didja? I missed you.

Well, I missed you for about ten minutes on Saturday night when one of the even organizers told me that the decrepit old 4H camp actually did have wireless Internet. You can't blame me for nearly falling out of my chair at that proclamation - the cabins had more leaf litter and pine straw in them than the mattresses had stuffing, the spiders and flying, stinging things were more than abundant, and the toilets were older than most of the people there...but they had wireless? Holy crap. It was damp enough, though, that I was just as happy to have left Bob the Wonder Computer at home after all.

The performance went well. Not without a hitch - I'd be as surprised by that as I would by a clean cabin at a summer camp - but it was fun anyway. The new songs were well received, we had about two-thirds of the attendees as our audience ( a good percentage, I think), and the old equipment we brought to mic the vocals worked beautifully, despite our decided lack of knowledge in working the stuff. A fair number of the crowd even danced. I think we'd go back again if they asked us...and they may, since they seemed to like us. We sold twenty CDs or so, not bad at an event that only expected sixty people (some of whom didn't show up).

It was nice to be able to sleep, wander about, and mingle with a new crowd without worrying about the Evil Genius, but I missed him anyway. There were other children at the event, some of whom reminded me of Bird. Still, I'm glad I had the time away. He was delighted when I came home, plastering me with hugs and kisses and demanding a bedtime story.

I have to say, T didn't seem as glad to have me home, barely speaking to me at all, and then in grunts, monotones, and perhaps one or two word answers to my questions about his weekend, his trip last week, and the like. I had to unload my things and bring them into the house by myself...I guess he was still eating dinner when I popped my head in the door and called out "Hello!" to let him know I was home. When he did help unload the cooler, he was irritated that one of K's creamer bottles had popped open and spilled on things...but that's why I always put everything in baggies in the cooler, in case something spills. We had to rinse off the baggies, and he rinsed the cooler out ( I hope...maybe he just set it in the garage for me to clean...hmm...better check that before today so I don't have a gross surprise waiting for me next time I want to use that cooler), but there wasn't a whole lot of interacting. So, fine. At least he seemed a tiny bit interested about how the weekend went, asking about the concert...but he didn't really seem to be listening. When I asked him if anything was wrong three different times, three different times he just said "Nothing." Fine.

Maybe he was just tired from two days of Daddy duty - he decided not to work this weekend but rather to stay home with Bird and let my mum go home. I think he had a couple of days of my regular life and it wore him slap out, because about fifteen minutes after I got home, he went to bed. I wasn't long behind him - I was tired!! It's a touch over five hours from here to the event site, and that's if one doesn't stop for anything. Add that drive to nights of little sleep (even though I stacked two mattresses into the bunk) and long days, and you have a recipe for going to bed early and sleeping until next Wednesday!

So now I'm home again until Memorial Day, and I will spend a goodly part of the next couple of days catching up on my reading. Whew. How was your weekend??


RachelW said...

Does he need his butt smacked, or do you think he'll pull himself out of it?

Becky said...

My weekend was, as usual, too damn short.

foolery said...

Oooooooo, I hate that uncommunicative communication! Makes me wanna be a brat, loudly. Hope he worked through it.