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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mum!!!

This is my mum. Today is her birthday. I shan't tell you how old she is, as it would be impertinent. To most folks, today is tax day, but to me...it's mum's birthday. Wooo-hoo!!!! I have other pictures of her, but I just love this one. I call it "Strange Fish".


Hippo, Birdie, two ewe
Hippo, Birdie, two ewe
Hippo, Birdie, deer ewe
Hippo, Birdie, two ewe!!


Bob Cleveland said...

Yeh .. I see it .. the family resemblance.

foolery said...

The first fish I ever did see what has legs and feet and swum upsided-downed.

Happy belated birdie, Ms. Mum!