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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Preemptive Withdrawal

So I'm going away for three days, sans Evil Genius and sans Bob the Wonder Computer. Three days without child = a restful time. Three days without electronic extension of my ego = what am I going to do???

I was going to bring the computer and maybe get some writing done, but decided I wouldn't worry about it - I'll be staying at a 4H camp, and I doubt they have wireless! Meanwhile, I have some beadwork that wants doing, some books that want reading, and also some crochet I can work on if no one's game for having their fortune told (when I'm not performing), so I'll be fine.

I'm allegedly leaving around five in the morning - one of my bandmates (and the sister of my heart) asked if I wanted to share the ride instead of driving up alone. Sure, as long as all my stuff and the band equipment fits in her van - who wouldn't rather share the ride and have someone to gossip with?? She will happily be without her child (my future daughter-in-law), too, as her family has agreed to split childcare and give my girl a weekend off!! Hurrah for a weekend as adults again!

We used to travel together all the time - she has a business that she takes to conventions and festivals selling..well...a bit of everything. Since we both married and had kids, we haven't had any time together as friends, and this'll be a lovely couple of days to reconnect without worrying about who's crying or why, who's hungry, who should be asleep and isn't, who is making all the noise in the cabin and waking our kids up...you know, mommy stuff.

I'll see y'all Monday.

Oh...a quick update on my nephew, the Wonder Preemie - he's up to three pounds, eleven ounces and they are working on getting him on room air. His mum held him for almost an hour, my brother held him for a while, and even his sister, Eldest Niece, had a go. Youngest Niece wanted a turn, but Wonder Preemie had to get back to the important task of resting. He'll be home, soon...


Becky said...

Have a great trip!

foolery said...

My holy heck it's been a long time since I visited, Kyddryn! I have to block out lots of time fro your site since there's so much to absorb and I hate missing things.