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Saturday, April 12, 2008

So Sleepy

It's a rainy day today, and I am tired. I can't seem to get moving. I slept until nine this morning, got up, went back to bed at eleven-thirty (although I think it was as much a strategic retreat as anything - the Evil Genius, T, and J were playing with paper airplanes, and I seemed to be the number one crash zone), got back up at one-thirty and could have lain right back down again and slept more. Today I have started a load of laundry and am running the dishwasher, and so far...that's it.

I don't know if it's getting up early all last week to pack lunch for T each day, or if the grey, rainy day is just making me want to burrow into the covers and enjoy the sound of thunder rolling through my dreams, but I really want to go back to bed - again!

I did wake up a bit when I got pissed off for a few minutes. How does anyone go through half a pound of American cheese in an hour? How can that be good for you? And what the hell am I supposed to use for Bird's and T's lunches until Wednesday, which will be my first opportunity to go to the store and get more (because I'm both broke and busy until then)? So that was good for a few minutes of non-sleepiness.

Also, I was a tad irked to note that. once again, the dishwasher sat empty while the sink was full of dirty dishes. Really, is it that hard to pout them in there, maybe run the thing? I'd switch to paper, but then I'd just be irritated about the trash never going out and being left to sit for a week or more unless I get off my grumpy butt and do it myself.

So that was a fe more minutes of awake time. Now, I'm back to tired, all worn and empty feeling. I really need to be doing laundry, and then actually putting it away. I think we're out of towels. I had dozens of them, but they've all gone the way of the Dodo. Also, I need to start packing for next weekend. I need to do it throughout the week, because T is out of town after tomorrow and I will be a single parent until mum comes down on Thursday - which means everything takes longer and more effort, because the Evil Genius wants to "help". Heh.

Oh, well. I am looking forward to having a couple of days to have only myself to look after. Which reminds me. I'd better get busy figuring out where this place I'm going is...I have no Earthly idea...


chris said...

This dejavu all over again. Oh wait this happened to me last week.

foolery said...

Dontcha hate it when someone else's bad behavior for the umpteenth time results in your own grumpiness, and then YOU get scolded for being grumpy?

The classic red herring household argument. Well, I say, I hope your dear mum doesn't clean up after anyone but herself and Bird while you're gone. Humph.

Hooray road trip!