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Friday, April 25, 2008

About Two Boys

My friend Michelle brought her son Noodle up for a few hours this evening - it has been beautiful in the evening here, and we are taking advantage of the nice weather even as we hope for rain. T managed to weed-whack around the swing set, at least, so the boys could run and play around that...but the rest of the yard could hide a giraffe with ease. They didn't seem to mind, though - they chased each other through the long grass with glee.

We have such awful luck with lawn mowers...I really need to just sell a kidney and hire a landscaper...or make a really big Zen rock garden out there.

The boys had a blast - first they chalked up my moderately long driveway and raced up and down the lines they'd drawn, and then they ranged out to the sides of the house and into the back yard with the swing set.

Michelle and I opted to set up at the garage entrance, where I'd put the iPod and some speakers that have swirly lights in them (pretty) on a table along with plates of cheese and veggies. Fun outdoor dining tip - if you want to keep cheese and veggies chilled, fill a pie plate (I use nine inch glass ones) with ice and put the dinner plate holding your goodies on top. It chills the plate beautifully, and these lasted over three hours and still had plenty of ice in them. Who needs gadgets and gizmos, eh? We munched and chatted and listened to a mocking bird in the tree nearby, and the boys shrieked and laughed, and had a nice evening.

One of the best moments? Michelle called me over to the corner of the house, where I could just see the sing set. The boys were climbing into the fort, where one would sit at the top of the slide, and the other would sit behind him and wrap arms and legs around, then down they'd go. It was so funny and sweet!! They were taking turns, too.

Boy boys got satisfyingly filthy, and Bird is now undergoing pruning in the tub - wherein he turns into a prune while playing with his submarine (one of those cool baking-powder powered ones) and some foam letters and tries to get as much bathwater on the floor as is in the tub.

On Monday, Kit will be bringing Sweet Cheeks and Little Man up, and Michelle's coming back, so we'll have four little boys ranging from about two to a bit over five having adventures out there. I'm thinking of filling the little wading pool for them, if it isn't raining.

Summer is i'cummin' in....

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